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Local home, local life

I visit Pia with my father as part of the father-and-son trip in Finland. It was a wonderful afternoon, we enjoyed the forest, the view, the sauna, the food, and everything! And Pia also offered us the ride from and back to Turku. Thank you Pia! It was a nice trip, and a pleasure of meeting you! :)

Turku Outdoor - Cold Swimming & Sauna

I had a wonderful time and Samuli was an excellent guide. He showed me a part of Finland I would have never discovered on my own. If I am ever back to Finland I will definitely reach out to him again!

Suklaatasting / Chocolate Tasting

Mukava rento tapahtuma työporukalla. Leppoisassa tunnelmassa opittiin jotain uutta eli tietoista maistelua.
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