Snow Sculpting Activity

Make your own art piece of snow by sculpting

语言: 英语
3 个小时 30 分钟
十二月 - 三月


Do you want to see and feel how the snow changes from a pure white material to a piece of art in your own hands? Are you interested in having fun and learning snow sculpting at the same time? You can turn a snow cube to your very own work of art, or shape it together with your friends. Let creativity take you into the flow! Have fun and enjoy snowy countryside at the same time.

We will take you to the Happy Fox Forest Farm, 15 minutes drive from the city center. After a warm welcome, you are introduced to snowsculpting methods. You learn to use different tools to shape the snow cube with the help of an instructor. During the sculpting you can warm up by an open fire, enjoy hot drinks as well as some snacks.

At the private forest farm we can experience the beauty of the wintery forest. During the open fire picnic we will learn about the arctic nature, plants, animals and the hibernating winter forest as well as the Nordic folklore and the way of life.

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Such a wonderful evening with Elina and Paulina; good traditional diner then a night walk in the snow to reach the stars; the best way to learn more about history, nature...of this magical place. Thanks!


I had a fantastic time outdoors with Paulina. Nice hike, warm fire and delicious snacks in great company. Thanks Paulina!