Instagrammable Pispala - colourful houses and lake sceneries

Get your vacay photos visiting the most beautiful photo spot

Tampere, 芬兰
语言: 芬兰 和 英语
1.5 个小时
40€ / 人
20€ / 儿童
35€ / 学生


This photography tour takes you to Pispala, one of the most beautiful neighbourhoods in Finland. High on a ridge we will view the lake, admire the colourful houses and climb the notorious Pispala stairs. I will make sure you get good photos of yourself for your own use! During our walk I will also explain the basic history of Pispala.

So what do you get? A walk in Pispala, me as a photographer and 5-10 of your best photos ready edited for you. I will use my professional camera to ensure good quality. Of course I will also send you the ones I don't edit, so you get all your photos.

Rajaportti sauna is the starting point of the tour. You can reach Rajaportti sauna easily by many city buses or simply by walking from the city centre.

If the dates I've opened for tours don't work with your holiday plans, don't hesitate to ask for a different time!

关于Heli - Doer

I am born and raised in Tampere and love this city. I used to work for the tourism organisation of the city and learned a lot during that time. Can't wait to show you my hometown!
In spirit I am a creative mind and I write a travel blog I'm social, love meeting new people and laugh a lot.
My calendar is quite an open book so please - if I haven't opened an experience for your desired dates, don't hesitate to ask.


语言: 英语 · Also available in Finnish.

语言: 英语 · Also available in Finnish.

语言: 英语 · Also available in Finnish.

语言: 英语 · Also available in Finnish.

语言: 英语 · Also available in Finnish.


Dress according to weather. I don't recommend coming in high heels. Pispala is a hilly area with lots of stairs.


Kiitos ihanista kuvista, mitä parhaimmasta seurasta ja Tampere-infosta! Tää reitti on ihana ❤
- Thank you for the photos, good company and all the info! This route is so lovely and picturesque 🤩
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Heli Heli Aaww thank you lovely!


Kiva kierros Helin kanssa Pispalan harjulla ja rannalla, aina Uittotunnelille asti.

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