Day trip to Helvetinjärvi National Park

Visit one of Finland's most beautiful landscapes

Tampere, 芬兰
语言: 芬兰 和 英语
8 个小时
150€ / 人
90€ / 儿童
130€ / 学生


So often I've heard tourists saying they can't make it to Helvetinjärvi National Park (Hell's Lake National Park) simply because of lack of public transportation. Hence I decided to start day trips to Helvetinkolu (Hell's Gorge). Helvetinkolu is known as one of the most beautiful sceneries in Finland and it is a really popular day trip spot for Finns and tourists.

The walk is about 4-5 km in an easy forest route. In the midpoint of the route is the Gorge's viewpoint and a campfire spot by Hell's Lake. You can dip in the lake if the weather is summery! I will prepare a campfire for our lunch. Sausages/vegan sausages and "stick buns" are included in the tour price.

Join me for a day in Finnish nature! We leave from Tampere from a location of your choice, and we can decide among ourselves the starting time of the tour. The tour should last about 8 hours but the time is flexible if needed.

If the dates and times don't go along your holiday plans, don't hesitate to ask for different times!

关于Heli - Doer

I am born and raised in Tampere and love this city. I used to work for the tourism organisation of the city and learned a lot during that time. Can't wait to show you my hometown!
In spirit I am a creative mind and I write a travel blog I'm social, love meeting new people and laugh a lot.
My calendar is quite an open book so please - if I haven't opened an experience for your desired dates, don't hesitate to ask.


语言: 英语 · Also available in Finnish.

语言: 英语 · Also available in Finnish.

语言: 英语 · Also available in Finnish.

语言: 英语 · Also available in Finnish.

语言: 英语 · Also available in Finnish.


Good walking shoes are required. There are many stairs and steps to take. The route is rather a wide street all the way, so dress according to weather. Basic good physics is good to have (for the long stairs).


Kiitos ihanista kuvista, mitä parhaimmasta seurasta ja Tampere-infosta! Tää reitti on ihana ❤
- Thank you for the photos, good company and all the info! This route is so lovely and picturesque 🤩

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