Guided tour in Taidekoti Ylen

Come and visit Art House Ylen!

语言: 芬兰 和 英语
1 个小时
正常价格: 10 €
儿童: 5 €


Art House Ylen is located in Rauma, in a village called Kodisjoki. The house was the residence of Väinö Ylen (1908-2000) and his wife Hilma (1911-1991). Väinö worked as a bricklayer and a farmer but after his retirement he began making cement sculptures. And the collection is huge: hundreds of sculptures!

Väinö Ylen is one of the most famous ITE-artists (ITE=outsider art) in Finland. The house itself can also be visited and it's quite an attraction: the interior has remained as it was during the couple's life. The price includes bun coffees in the kitchen of the art house.

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