Strasbourg Instatour

Capture the beauty of Strasbourg and share it to the world

语言: 英语, 德国, 法国 和 印度尼西亚语
1.5 个小时
10€ / person
10€ / students


In this tour, we're gonna visit around 5 instagrammable spots of Strasbourg, the famous ones and the hidden ones! Of course along with the stories behind the places that we will visit.

Whether you're a professional photographer or simply an insta-lover, you are much welcomed to the experience.

Hit us with your best shots because 1 lucky participant of each tour might win a local souvenir!

关于Angela - Doer

Traveller, dreamer, hedonist. That's how I usually describe myself. Everytime I travel, I just have to share the moments with others through my Instagram. And I know that I'm not the only one who feel so! Now that I'm studying in one of the most pictoresque cities in the world, I'd like to share this experience with you :)


Any device you can take pictures with, comfortable clothes adapted to the weather and an instagram profile for a chance to win the competition (optional).



I have to say that, I am really pleased to spare my time to this tour. First of all, Angela has a very deep knowledge of the historical sites of the Strasbourg. I really enjoyed listening to the stories she chose about the city. She is also a very good story-teller. I also liked the path and places we visited. Her enthusiasm and warm-blooded charm helped me to cheer up and increase my mood. She was not monotonous; her energy and active speaking also assist me to pay attention to her tour-guidance. The tour was not too short or long. The time and the places we visited were adequate. It was a very beneficial tour for me and I will definitely suggest this tour to my friends and tourists I will meet.
Absolutely loved the instatour with Angela! She showed us all the best spots for photos and even secret ones that I as a local didn't even know about!
Angela knows where to find the most instagrammable spots in Strasbourg! Her shining and energetic personality makes this walk really enjoyable!