Northern Lights Tour with Ben

Find the mysterious lights with Ben.

语言: 英语
4 个小时
九月 - 四月
正常价格: 125 €
儿童: 100 €


Hello everyone, I'm Ben and I own a small business in Rovaniemi, my passion of catching the northern lights mean that I may have some skills and knowledge that may enhance your chances of catching a glimpse of the Northern Lights. We will head out in to the dark parts of Lapland in order for us to hopefully catch a glimpse of the lights. During the night we will head to 1-3 spots if needed and also enjoy some warm drinks and snacks. Included in the package will be the photos taken during the night.
I only go out when the weather looks promising. This allows you to not waste your time and money during your time here in Rovaniemi.

关于Ben Rovaniemi - Doer

I have a passion for Rovaniemi, nature, and hospitality. The northern lights just happen to be here and I also love watching them and also sharing the experience with others.


Open mind
Awareness of the phenomena of Northern Lights.
DSLR Camera
Warm Clothing