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Go for a run on the beautiful trails of Porvoo

Porvoo, 芬兰
语言: 芬兰, 英语 和 瑞典
1 个小时
八月 - 十二月
正常价格: 20 €
儿童: 10 €


If you want to see the city in a new way, come join me for a run on the trails around Porvoo.
We can also use the roads if you want to see the town.

关于Jonas - Doer

I have been running on the trails around Porvoo for a few years now and i cant get enough of it :)
You can always find a new trail and be amazed of the beauty of the nature just a step away from the city!
I'm a runner by hearth and i would like to share our nature with you.


Good spirit and running shoes

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