Winterday in the Archipelago

Meet local people and way of living in the archipelago

语言: 芬兰, 英语, 瑞典, 法国 和 西班牙语
5 个小时
一月 - 四月


Meet local people, and spend a relaxing afternoon with different entreprenours in a small village in the middle of the finnish archipelago ending the day with a dinner using local ingredients in the local restaurant. Later you can meet local people in the pub. You can also book a room close to teh restaurant.

关于Hjalmars - Doer

Restaurant & Hotel Hjalmars is a small company hosted by Minna & Tage Österlund. This is the only restaurant that is open all year around and located on the centre of the island Korpo. We serve good food in a friendly atmosphere. On our menu you find fish, steaks and salads made of locally produced goods. Our hotelrooms are cosy and in the same building as the restaurant.

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