A sales platform for local experience services

Doerz Local is a user friendly platform that provides tourism organisations, travel agencies, airlines and the wider tourism sector with a single booking site for services in their areas. Doerz is also a great sales platform for online experiences.
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If you want to provide experiences, please read 成为Doer.

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Top benefits

Also for individuals

Doerz is not just for companies: individuals who offer services to tourists can also use the platform. They do not need a business ID.

Easy to use

Our main objective is ease of use. Doerz replaces the need for expensive, cumbersome online stores and enables new kinds of earning models. Upcoming: Online Travel Agencies.

All under one roof

The platform is a one-stop shop for activities and experiences. We help you reach paying customers and make it easy for them to buy. Online experiences are also available!
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Take advantage of the live like a local trend

“Local” and “authentic” are big trends in tourism right now. Doerz Local is an excellent choice for travel agencies, tourist boards, airlines and other tourism marketers who want to give their customers the chance to buy local experiences. Depending on the operating model, this can include a commission component for our customers. Our platform also serves event and conference organizers. During travel restrictions we highlight the possibilities of local traveling and online experiences.
Locals in Porvoo had a huge amount of interesting content to offer. We were looking for a way to make that content available. Doerz Local offered us the perfect solution to this need. Strongly recommended!
Sari Myllynen
Head of Tourism and Marketing
The City of Porvoo
Through Doerz Local we are able to make things easier to buy for travellers. This brings new economic activities to our region, because we have an easy way for people to book the activities. That is why we love the concept of Doerz.
Niina Aitamurto
Tourism Coordinator
The Archipelago City of Parainen
It is great to have a sales channel that allows local individuals, existing travel businesses, and especially future entrepreneurs, to easily sell the local way of life, their own products and services.
Juha Sorjonen
goSaimaa Oy
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Simple, easy-to-use features

Landing Page

Each customer will get a customized landing page.

Product pages

Experience providers are able to create their own product pages. There is also a separate category for online experiences.


Payments will be made to experience providers automatically.

Search engine optimization

We work continuously to improve your search engine visibility.


Customer admins have access to comprehesive moderation tools.


All Doerz Local services include a comprehensive package of marketing actions and social media visibility.

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What is Doerz Local?

Doerz Local is a completely web-based platform which allows you to offer local services to travellers. It also allows both companies and individuals to offer activities to tourists. For tourism marketers, Doerz is a great way of reaching the FIT segment and sought-after indie travellers. We make it easy for them to buy and give them an environment that this target group, in particular, is happy to shop in.

The platform is perfectly suited for selling virtual and online experiences. During challenging times in the travel industry it creates an opportunity for our customer organisations to provide help for local entrepreneurs.

The platform, and the experiences listed on it, can be integrated into your website: we take care of the whole technical delivery for you on a SaaS basis. Doerz Local also provides access to embeddable widgets. Doerz Local is completely independent of GDS, and we pay service providers through Stripe, without any complex middlemen. All you, the client, have to do is administer your landing page and the experiences listed on it.

Our service is charged by the month, includes technical delivery, and always comes with a substantial package of marketing actions and social media visibility. The service is built with SEO in mind. We also offer other tourism and travel marketing support functions, which you can order from us if you wish. They allow you to free up and more efficiently use your resources. The complete scalability of Doerz is one of its biggest benefits. We can serve large clients, but our technology and pricing are designed to be accessible to the smallest organizations, too.

Doerz Local provides particular opportunities for cities’ and towns’ tourism marketing. With us, destinations, marketing companies and CVBs are able to provide a marketplace for local suppliers. No other service on the market currently allows both companies and individuals to advertise their services in the same place. Companies operate on their business IDs, and individuals can invoice via Doerz. The features of our platform have been specifically designed with the needs of tourism service providers in mind. These include support for several VAT rates and comprehensive service for international markets. There are currently six language versions: English, Finnish, Swedish, French, Chinese and German. Next we will be launching a version in Russian. We comply with the accessibility regulations that apply to public sector purchasing services.

Doerz Local can be technically tailored to public events, making it appealing for events and conference organizers. This product is called Doerz Connect. Even we’re surprised at just how versatile Doerz Local is!
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