Downhill skiing guiding in Levi

Get to know slopes in Levitunturi

语言: 芬兰 和 英语
1 个小时 30 分钟
十二月 - 六月
正常价格: 85 €
儿童: 80 €


If your children need a friend to ski with I am right for that.

Local people show to you best slopes and views in Levi ski resort

We will downhill skiing together and explore the best slopes.

After experience you will know which slopes are best for you.

You only need skipass and downhill skiing equipment and you are ready to feel real skiing experience.

关于Eero - Doer

I start downhillskiing when I was six. After that I have skiing every winter. I live in Levi and know slopes very well. I want to share what Lapland gave me.


You need to buy your own skipass and value to use lifts.

You need your own downhillskiing equipments. You can also rent downhillskiing equipments but you have to pay those by yourself.