Riverside photo excursion

Photoshoot wilderness on the riverside excursion

Lentiira Holiday Village, 芬兰
语言: 芬兰, 英语 和 瑞典
2 个小时
六月 - 十月


Jump omboard to enjoy and photoshoot wilderness along the lake and river. We will cruise by Aono island and along riverside reaching Töhönpuro streams hiding in the forest. In addition to pine forest, swamplands and riverside views, we might encounter various birds native to the Kainuu region. If needed, your quide will give you practical tips how to use your camera.

关于Sanna - Doer

I am passionate nature photographer living in Lentiira village. Eager to share my knowledge and tips for outdoor enthousiast alike to present the beauty of arctic lakeland Kainuu region. For me photography means exploration within and out.


Bring your camera, water bottle and warm clothing

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