Aurora Hunting

Hunt auroras beyond the city!

语言: 芬兰, 英语 和 西班牙语
2.5 个小时
十一月 - 三月
60€ / person
40€ / children


I will take you away from the city by car to see the pure Lappish nature. We will make a fire and cook some snacks outside. I will tell you about our way of life and nature. Hopefully we'll see auroras while enjoying our picnic.

Northern lights are a force of nature so I cannot promise them for you, but I will make my best so we will have a good time. Too see auroras we need to have high enough solar activity and small cloud coverage. Its better if you don´t book too early because it is impossible to predict the weather very far. Also if its too cold its hard to be outside for a long time. If you book day or couple days before it is easier too see if the conditions are good.

See you:)- Henri

关于Henri - Doer

I am an university student and outdoor enthusiast from Rovaniemi. I also work as a tour guide. In my freetime I like to snowboard and spend time in nature.

I want to provide authentic experiences to people and show you the pure nature of Lapland.
I always like to meet people. I want to show you our peaceful way of life.


You should have warm clothes


Henri is a very nice guy. We have taken many trips together outdoors. He knows all the good places and many good stories.
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Henri is a passionate outdoor guy with lots of professional knowledge about lapland. I can highly recommend him.
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Henri good guide.He knows a lot about the country. I think to take tour with him it is better then buy it from big companies.For me it was a good and interesting tour.thank you Henri.
Henri Thanks to you for attending :)