7 secrets of Bologna

walking through Bologna's details

语言: 英语, 法国, 西班牙语 和 中国
1.5 个小时
15€ / 人
10€ / 儿童


We are going to walk through Bologna looking out for details that make this city special. We will meet in the city center and during our exploration we will also pass by a number of attractions. You will see both the landmarks and the hidden gems of this city each with its own characteristics. From ironical to fun to peculiar these details bring to life the facades of Bologna. Be weary though! One of these secrets is so well hidden that it became a myth and its "location" will allow you to have a 360degree view of this beautiful city.

关于Eugenia - Doer

I am an Italian student at the University of Bologna. Since I arrived to this city I have been falling in love with it on a daily basis. I love meeting new people and sharing experiences that is why I can't wait to show you around what I believe to be such a magical place!


comfortable walking shoes
good eyesight (joking, I'm sure you do)